Posted by: Ali | July 22, 2009

More Details

So I’ve been in for training a bit this week.  There is so much to do it’s crazy!  I only know a few more details so far.  I’m leaving August 9th approximately, they haven’t yet booked me a flight.  I’ll be there for a year, more or less.  I’ll be staying at a residence-style accommodation, where I’ll have my own room, the BaseCamp office, internet access, and a bunch of rooms where the volunteers will stay.  They’re also available to rent if you just need a place to crash, for approximately $20/day, which includes three meals.

The address of the place is this:

Ali Ryder
Base Camp Lima, Peru
Jose Gonzales No 660

Which is now posted on the sidebar link that says “Mail me stuff!”  I suggest you take the hint and mail me stuff and I might even send you stuff back in return!

I’ll be going up during the really quiet season.  Apparently there are two volunteers there right now that will be staying until the end of August, and three more coming up at the beginning of August, who will actually not be staying at the center, they’ll be in homestays out in the countryside.  So it’ll be really quiet.  Apparently the next volunteers won’t be coming up until October, either, so I have a feeling I might get lonely.

As previously mentioned, mail me stuff!


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