Posted by: Ali | August 14, 2009

Peruvian Dance Show

Last night we went to a dance show of traditional Peruvian dances at La Dama Juana.  There was also a delicious buffet of typical Peruvian dishes.  I tried ceviche for the first time!  It has a very strong lemony (or maybe limey) flavour, so I decided I didn’t really like it too much, being not very partial to citrus flavourings.  But I tried it, so I am proud.

My favourite dance was called the Alcatraz, which is a very cool looking Afro-Peruvian dance where there is a man and a woman, and each has a piece of paper attached to their rear end.  Each of the partners attempts to light the piece of paper with a candle, and the other partner attempts to dance away or avoid the candle by moving their hips a lot.

The dancers we watched were really funny, they did the dance and each of them had a solo.  The first girl, after her dance, blew out her partner’s candle instead of just trying to swish it out with her skirt.  The next girl had to light her partner’s tail, so after their dance she just grabbed the paper with her hands and lit it.  The next boy physically picked up his dance partner, threw her over his shoulder, and then lit her paper on fire.  Afterwards, the dancers got partners from the crowd and brought them onstage to dance with, which was also really funny.  Lauren G, one of our volunteers, was picked, and she kept running away whenever the fire got too close.  Everyone was laughing, it was a good evening.


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