Posted by: Ali | August 16, 2009

Day of endless travel

Wow today was an ordeal.  We left the hotel in Huacachina at 8:30 and took a taxi into Ica, where we caught a bus at 9:00 to Nazca.  It took about two and a half hours, and then we caught a taxi to the airport in Nazca, getting there at about 12:00.  We thought we had a flight all booked that was “waiting for us” but apparently it was cloudy that morning, so all the morning flights were delayed.  So our flight wasn’t until 2:30, and our group of four was split into two groups.  So when we landed and had met up with the other group, it was 3:30, then we went back to the bus station and found out that we just missed the 4:00 bus, so we were on the 4:30 one.  So we got back to Ica at 7:30 and still had to go check out of our hotel.  So by the time we did that and got back to the bus station in Ica, the first bus to Lima we could get was at 8:20, so we didn’t get back to Lima until like 12:45 pm.  A very long day.  I thought we would be back in Lima around dinner time!


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