Posted by: Ali | August 19, 2009


The Hike


  1. What an awesome shot! Your photography is amazing. I loved all the Nazca lines shots and the stuff from the desert. You sure look like you’re enjoying your adventure.

    How’s the culture shock? Is Lima a lot different than your time in Bolivia? I remember you went to a cultural dance night on that trip, too, but I don’t recall any dances about lighting bums on fire!

    Is all your Spanish coming back to you? Is there much English in Lima?

    I remember in Bolivia, the homes were all surrounded by walls with razor wire or broken glass on top. Your pictures of the hostel only showed inside and the roof. What does the outside look like? the neighbourhood? Does Lima seem like more of a safe place? Are you able to go out in the evening or are you stuck inside?

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your first week in Peru. I look forward to more postings!

    I guess that’s a long enough comment… 🙂

    • Thanks! I don’t think my photography is that good but I am trying to practice more. Glad you seem to think it’s working!

      The culture shock is not that bad. Peru and Bolivia are quite similar culturally. Luckily Ana Maria speaks very good English so I can talk to her in English if I don’t know it in Spanish. A lower level of Spanish is required here than in Bolivia, and a lot of the volunteers don’t speak any Spanish at all before they come here.

      Our building has broken glass on the walls too. It’s more or less the same feeling as in Bolivia, except that Cochabamba was much smaller. Here the streets are fairly well lit at night, and I am in a good neighbourhood, but I still mostly stay inside at night.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. They look like people made out of straw….

  3. Great picture! I guess you are liking the camera.


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