Posted by: Ali | August 27, 2009

Leche de Tigre

Leche de Tigre

Leche de Tigre

Okay.  So this is weird drink is called Leche de Tigre, which translates as Tiger’s Milk, or Milk of the Tiger.  However, it doesn’t really have anything to do with milk, or tigers.  I am disappointed.  So what is it, exactly?  Well there is a very popular dish here in Peru called ceviche, which is raw fish which has been marinated in lemon or lime (and is very very strong!).  So Leche de Tigre is the liquid that was used to do the marinating.  It is in this case garnished with shrimp.

According to Ana Maria, I have to also explain how I got this picture, since I most certainly did not order such a frightening dish.  Well, the people at the table next to us did.  So as the waiter was walking past with the food, I asked Ana Maria what it was, and she explained.  Then I decided that I must retrieve evidence of this ridiculous food-drink-thing, so as the waiter was placing it on the table, I snuck in a picture without them noticing!  Ana Maria thought that was silly.


  1. Cerviche is Grandma’s favourite seafood dish in Mexico – try it you’ll love it.

  2. I must try this. The name intrigues me but I just had ceviche not to long ago and the marinade was terrific! Mmm!


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