Posted by: Ali | August 27, 2009

Meet Rebecca

Ana Maria (left), me!, and Rebecca (right)

Ana Maria (left), me!, and Rebecca (right)

Today is Rebecca’s last day here in Peru.  She’s one of the volunteers, and arrived in June.  She spent a month in Lima doing Spanish training before moving out to Cuzco to volunteer with an organization we work with called Hampy.  I didn’t get to know her very well because she was already in Cuzco when I arrived, but from what I’ve found out, she had a very interesting time!

This was her first time away from home and away from her boyfriend – she didn’t even move away from home to go to university (she is from Toronto).  So her first month in Lima was very difficult for her, as she wasn’t volunteering yet, just learning Spanish in a very intensive setting, which can be rather stressful.  Apparently, she even asked Ana Maria to go home early, but it was suggested that she go to Cuzco and at least give it a try first.

So she went to Cuzco and fell in love.  She was working with a youth group called Qoriwaynacuna, and apparently the kids were adorable and they went to this green school, and now she is terribly sad to go home!


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