Posted by: Ali | September 1, 2009


Latin America is rather sexist in many ways, especially in the sort of profession one might have.  That’s why I was surprised to see that so many police were actually women.



In Lima, as it turns out, the majority of traffic  cops (that is, not only meter maids but the people that pull you over for speeding) are women.  I asked Romy about this and the answer I got was quite different than the one I was expecting.  Not that I know what I was expecting.  Anyways, she said that “Women in Peru are tougher than men, that’s why they make such good police.  If you get pulled over by a man police officer you can give him a bribe and he will look the other way, but people are afraid to try to bribe women.”

Thanks Romy, that was very enlightening.


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