Posted by: Ali | September 4, 2009

I found the eggs…

So I was trying to make cookies the other day but decided that it would be way a lot of work to make them from scratch considering I’d have to find a recipe and translate all the ingredients and probably make a few substitutions… anyways so I decided to use a mix.  I went out to Plaza Vea (Peruvian Loblaws) and found a mix that required water and eggs or something like that.  Not being sure if we had any eggs at the house, I decided I should probably buy some.

So I commenced searching the store for eggs, and after perusing the likely hiding spots and finding none, I gave up and decided to make muffins that just required water.  Then I gave up on muffins, not being able to find muffin trays, but that’s a different story.  I ended up just buying cookies (which were quite delicious I might add).

Today I went back to Plaza Vea for something else, and as I’m standing in the checkout line I noticed something odd…

Eggy Eggs


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