Posted by: Ali | September 5, 2009


I went to the circus tonight!  It was called Hechicero, which means “sorcerer” in Spanish.  I’d say that all of you should come all the way to Peru just to see it, but the last show is tomorrow at 3, so I don’t think you’ll make it in time.  Oh well, your loss.

So I wasn’t allowed to take pictures (I tried anyways but the **** usher was very diligent), so these are shamelessly stolen from the internet except for

So besides being awesome and very different, I’m not sure how to describe it!  It wasn’t exactly a traditional circus in that it didn’t have elephants or bears or monkeys or fire breathers or clowns or lions jumping through flaming hoops or seals with beach balls on their noses.  But it did have the trapeze, juggling, acrobatics, and people doing funny things on horseback.  And a lot of Peruvian dancing and stuff.  And some Cirque du Soleil-esque displays of flexibility and strength.

Most of the show involved horses, because Peruvians are very proud of their “paso” horses which as far as I can tell are just trained to walk funny.  Some of the highlights were when someone was standing on a moving horse and tossing juggling pins back and forth with a guy on the ground; when they had one person standing on another person standing on a horse who was walking; when a horse stopped to poop and the two riders fell off; when they had two horses that looked like they were dancing with each other but I’m pretty sure one of them was in heat; and when they had a cute little miniature horse come in and everybody oohed and ahhed.

There was some great music of many different genres, all Peruvian.  There was a story going on in the background of all the acrobatics, a love story, and it was all narrated in Spanish so I missed a lot of it.  But to me it looked pretty much like race was a central theme.  There were a lot of African-Peruvians, who wore simple red, orange, or brown clothing, walked around barefoot, and played the drums; there were what I could identify as Peruvians from the highlands, who wore very (very, very) colourful clothing, and who liked to make a lot of noise using metal things like spurs, cymbals, horns, and scissors (remember the sheep shearers dance I mentioned a few weeks ago?); and there were the Spanish, who wore elegant white outfits and usually rode the dancing horses.  The funny thing is, I think that in the end the African guy got the Spanish girl.

Anyways, it was awesome.


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