Posted by: Ali | September 11, 2009

Islas del Sol

So after sleeping until noon, I debated my options.  On the one hand, I could get back on a bus and get into Cusco at midnight (not a fun-sounding option), I could go back to Cusco tonight overnight, tomorrow morning, or sometime later.  In an interest to preserve my precious sleep and my budget, I opted to spend the night here and take the bus back tomorrow morning.  Which meant that I had to find something to do this afternoon.

The only thing I had heard of to do in Copacabana, according to two different sources, is to go to the Islas del Sol y de la Luna, which are on Lake Titicaca.  Apparently they are reasonably famous and were once an important Incan site, with temples and stuff, and even a convent where they kept young women to be divine.  Or something, I really didn´t know much about it.

So I asked the tour agencies, and one of them told me it took a whole day, so I wasn’t sure what to do instead, then I asked another guy and he said there were boats leaving at 1:30 and would get back at 5:30.  That sounded perfect, I thought, and it was only 15 bolivianos, so it was pretty cheap.

Not having any clue really to expect, we rode on the world’s slowest boat, and I sat next to a crazy Australian eating vegemite.  Then we got there and I was kindof expecting a tour or something, but basically we were deposited in the middle of a village, and told we had to be back at the boat in one hour.  So there was a path that other people seemed to be going on so I followed them.  After wandering for 30 minutes and not finding any ruins or really anything to do, I wandered back to the boat.  Anyways it was vrey pretty, although apparently what you’re supposed to do is stay overnight on the island and that way you have more time to see the ruins and stuff that I couldn’t find because I didn’t have a map.


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