Posted by: Ali | September 12, 2009

Epic Journey to Cusco

So far, not as epic.  But definitely much more scenic during the daytime!

I am writing from an internet cafe in Puno, which is near the border, but in Peru.  I took a bus here from Copacabana this morning and am now waiting for a connection bus to Cusco.  I’m supposed to get in tonight at like 7:30, so it’s gonna be rather boring.

Okay.  Now I am writing from Cusco, having arrived safely.  I had an hour to wait in Puno for the bus, and then we got on the bus, and told it wasn’t direct and we had to get off the bus again half an hour later in a place called Juliaca.  Only then did we get a bus straight to Cusco, so this time the trip was about 11 hours.  But, it was very pretty during the day time.


  1. I like the picture with all the boats and netted areas. It looks like they’re engaged in aquaculture. I imagine Lake Titicaca is heavily fished.

    Did you take all those pictures from the bus?

    • Yep, all from the bus!


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