Posted by: Ali | September 13, 2009

The Meat Market

So I went to the market with Marita this morning.  Initially I was dismayed that I had forgotten my camera, but in retrospect, like the corpse exhibition, I’d rather not have evidence of this travesty.

It wasn’t just a meat market, just a general farmer’s market, with fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish, and people selling various other things ranging from vests to incense to soap.  But mostly just food.

So most of you know how sqeamish I am?  It wouldn’t be so bad… no i’m lying.  Alright so the first thing i saw was dead chickens with their feet still attached.  That was kinda jarring, but i could deal with it.  Then we went to a booth where they were dissecting a whole cow and you pointed to the bit that you wanted.  I suppose that was okay.  But then we went to the fish place, where the lady was scaling and gutting whole fish in front of you (the worst part actually being the fact that she was handling money and not wearing gloves).  I turned away, cuz there was an awful lot of fish heads staring at me.  Behind me there was a booth that had random skinned animals hanging from hooks, i would guess they were probably lamb, but i couldn’t tell.

It gets better.  I tried to find somewhere safe to look and discovered someone hacking a piece of (what I’m assuming was) meat apart WITH AN AXE, and in the booth behind them someone was USING A SAW to cut something apart, presumably a bone I guess?  With a handsaw.

The best part of all of it is that it’s an open air market so there were all these stray dogs running around amongst the meat…

I suppose it’s a testament to my love of steak that I’m not debating going vegetarian right now.


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