Posted by: Ali | September 14, 2009


Made you look, bro!  I have a little brother named Lucas.  But there is also an adorable sheepdog puppy that lives at Marita’s named Lucas, and I’ve decided to take him home with me.  He can live in my suitcase until Christmas.



So what makes him so awesome?  For starters he’s like four months old and all he wants to do is play.  His favourite game is “pounce on foot” where he will bite onto your shoe or pant leg in an attempt to stop it from getting away.  And, poor dog, he lives in the backyard which is all cemented and maybe 20ft x 20ft.  So he never gets to play with anyone!  Except me.  He’s still a puppy so he’s all soft and, well, shaggy, and he has the most curiously bright blue eyes of which I have never seen on a dog before.




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