Posted by: Ali | September 18, 2009

Instituto de Educacion Rural

I have no idea if we’re going to use this place or not!  It’s like farm school!

EDIT:  It IS farm school and we ARE going to use it!

This is where I went yesterday on my adventure through the boonies.  Basically it’s a farm that has a whole bunch of different kinds of crops and animals.  They grow everything from cows to guinea pigs, from roses to quinoa.

The point of the institute is to preserve farming practices and teach the methods to the community.  They also include newer techniques and conservation methods like composting and generally respecting the environment.  Every so often they have a group come in and learn to farm, or have a workshop on a specific topic.  Seems a pretty cool place, and volunteers would actually live there on the farm.

It was funny though I was talking to the lady in charge and she asked me what I could offer.  So I began by asking what they needed.  So she starts listing off requests for mechanics and electricians and veterinarians and hydroponics experts.  Quietly I thought to myself that we never get any of those types of volunteers, so I suggested that we could send general labourers, and she said that that was fine.  Then she asked if the volunteers could bring stuff with them, because they needed pens and pencils and rolling pins and work clothes and gloves and boots and computers and tractors.

So.  She was really nice though, and I think we’re going to use this placement.  I’m not quite sure how popular it will be with the volunteers, since it would involve living on a farm and not having much time off.


  1. People in the environmental movement in Ontario are really keen on learning traditional farming practices. There are quite a few places that offer volunteer placements. I’ll bet that this farm could be a popular placement!

  2. There’s an energy systems program here at St. Larry’s which has a strong green component. Those students might have something to offer.


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