Posted by: Ali | September 19, 2009


Today I went to Pisaq (sometimes spelled Pisac)!  It was awesome!  But even more awesome with pictures!

What do I know about Pisaq?  Not much.  I didn’t bring enough money with me (silly Ali) so I barely had enough for the bus back to Cusco, let alone hire a guide or buy a guidebook.  Let’s see… Pisaq is a magical place full of wonder… Okay fine, you got me, check Wikipedia if you actually want to know something about it.

The cool part is it’s built on a mountain.  The view from there is amazing!  I know it used to be an Incan fortress, and I can see why!  For starters, you can see the whole valley, and also, anyone trying to assault you would have to climb the mountain first, which is really tiring in this altitude (although I’m sure the Incans were used to it).

So there were four different sets of ruins pretty close to each other, obviously they were all part of the same site but used for different purposes.  For example, there’s one part called Intihuatana, that’s the religious site, it has a bunch of temples, including the Temple of the Sun, which is built on or around a volcanic rock.  Then there’s Q’allaqasa, the citadel.  There was also what looked like an aqueduct and anyways the place was super-huge and awesome.

I like pictures!


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