Posted by: Ali | September 30, 2009

Spanish Word of the Day: Faena

Faena (pronounced “f-eye-na”)

According to Google Translate:

slaughter, labour, chore, fag, fatigue

According to

f. Trabajo corporal.  fig. Trabajo mental.  Quehacer.   Servicio que se hace a una persona.

physical labour, mental labour, task, service one provides for a person

I’m really a big fan of the slaughter option.

Anyways according to Ana Maria, a faena is when a group of people get together and have a work day for a common goal, like preparing a room for a new baby, or helping build a school, or clear a field for planting, that kind of thing.  Very nice and community-minded these Peruvians are to have a word just for this!


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