Posted by: Ali | September 30, 2009

Un Techo Para Mi Pais

I was reading the news (seriously) not too long ago when I stumbled across an organization that sounded pretty awesome.  They are called Un Techo Para Mi Pais, which means “A Roof For My Country.”

The organization was started by some university students who realized that they were in a position to give back to their country by doing something as simple as building houses.  They fundraise, find families who contribute 10% of the cost, and the volunteers provide all the manual labour while the family cooks for them and finds places for them to stay while they’re working.

So I found this organization, that sounds pretty awesome, and thought, well, we have a group of 25 Queen’s students coming to volunteer in February, and they want to do something like building houses.  Organizing that kind of thing is a nightmare, so why don’t we work with this awesome organization?  (And if we do, I’ll get a t-shirt out of it!)


  1. […] 25 it’s really hard to find an appropriate project.  At first we thought we would work with Un Techo Para Mi Pais, but apparently the group didn’t want to do construction, so we had to find another […]


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