Posted by: Ali | October 3, 2009

Power out!

The power went out yesterday afternoon.  We were all trying to figure it out and turn the power back on, looked like one of the circuits had overloaded.  We found the circuit box and flipped the switch but the switch wouldn’t stay on, it kept going back to off.  Ana said that we needed to just let it cool off or something, so we decided to wait.

Then Eric, one of the new volunteers, brought up the fact that the plug in his room didn’t seem to be working.  “Why not?” I asked.  He responded that “Well when I tried to plug something in, it sparked and the power went out.”  “Oh,” I said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

So we investigated the plug in question, and as it turned out, there were two wires touching that shouldn’t be touching.  Apparently, it is a good thing that the house is smarter than we are.

Chris and the plug

Chris and the plug


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