Posted by: Ali | October 11, 2009

Parque de la Muralla

So we went downtown the other day, when my internet was down, and one of our stops was the Parque de la Muralla, which is a park they made surrounding the ruins of an old wall.  I did not know that Lima was once a walled city, but apparently it was.  After the Spanish invaded what is now Peru, they created their headquarters in Lima.  But at the time, although they defeated some of the Inca leaders (the guy in charge of the Incas is just called “the Inca”), there were still his descendants and an Incan army around, so the Spaniards decided it might be a good idea to defend themselves, so they built this wall.

I’m not entirely sure why so little of it is left, actually, because this wasn’t too long ago, the 1500s, and it’s not like the Incas had big cannons to tear the walls down.  No, I think it was mostly due to earthquakes that the wall is falling apart.


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