Posted by: Ali | October 15, 2009

“Thank you, Chile”

Teehee.  Depeche Mode actually played in Lima a couple nights ago, and so the story goes, at the end of the night the singer guy said “Thank you, Chile,” instead of “Thank you, Peru” (or Lima, or whatever).  This is a big deal because Chile and Peru have been enemies since like 1880 where there was a war over borders and Peru lost.  (Strangely the same thing happened between Bolivia and Chile, and also between Ecuador and Peru.)

The funny part is that it’s created basically a paper-version of a flame war going through the tabloids and the newspapers here.  Some people are getting really pissed about how “disrespectful” the band was, whereas other loyal fans are saying that the band actually said “thank you CHILDREN.”  I suppose they sound the same if English is not your first language and the guys are talking with a funny British accent.


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