Posted by: Ali | October 17, 2009

Comic Con?

So I heard about on‘s event listing that there was something called “Mundo Viñeta ’09” running for the entire month of October.  Not having much better to do this weekend, I decided to go check it out.

According to the write-up I saw:

This month, cultural institutions like the Goethe Institute Lima, theCentro Cultural de España (Spanish Cultural Center), The Swedish Embassy, the Alianza Francesa de Lima (French Alliance of Lima), theCentro Cultural Peruano Japonés (Peruvian-Japanese Cultural Center) and Nagra (Comics’ Society) have put together a major comics festival: Mundo Viñeta 09. Events include conferences, exhibitions, workshops and films, as well as visits from very talented French, German and Spanish artists.

A little vague on the details I know, but that’s alright.  Then I realized that they didn’t have an address, which I thought was a little problematic.  They also had a link to an “events page” that was broken.  So after some internet research, I discovered that it was an event running from October 2-30, at like four different venues.  The only thing I could find that was definitely on (I decided it was probably the ‘core’ of the festival) was a exhibition at the Spanish (Spain) Cultural Center.  So off I go.  On foot.

Forty blocks later, I stop and ask for directions, because I know I am close, but the streets also started not having signs any more.  Toto, I don’t think we’re in Miraflores anymore.  But I get there alright.

So as you can see, it is definitely not what a Comic Convention is like in Canada or the US.  I’m also pretty sure there was a back room where they were screening Death Note with Spanish subtitles.


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