Posted by: Ali | October 24, 2009

La Semilla: Follow-up

I spent 5.5 hours travelling today.  I took five buses and a taxi.  Wanna know what the worst part is?  I only ended up 35 km outside of Lima.  Most of that was city traffic.  Blarg.

A couple weeks ago I posted about La Semilla, an NGO that works with poor children.  Well today I went out to the slums to do a site inspection of where we might send volunteers.

One of the reasons I’m following up with this organization now is because they are on the list of Potential Projects.  We have a group of 25 volunteers arriving in February, all from Queen’s, all from Commerce, and all staying in the same house.  With a group of 25 it’s really hard to find an appropriate project.  At first we thought we would work with Un Techo Para Mi Pais, but apparently the group didn’t want to do construction, so we had to find another project.

La Semilla likes building libraries (hey, it’s a good idea!).  In the past five or so years, they’ve built three, but haven’t had the time to give them a good paint job.  So we were thinking that we could have our group come paint and hang out with the kids.  Man those kids are awesome!  (I’m rambling a little, aren’t I?)


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