Posted by: Ali | October 28, 2009

Coming soon to a stage near me…

So Peru is having its share of bands coming to perform, which is kinda cool.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got here, but was pleasantly surprised by the options!

I already mentioned previously that Depeche Mode played in Lima, and last night Faith No More had a stop in Peru for their reunion tour.  Upcoming concerts include: The Killers, November 19th, and Metallica, in January.

I think I’m going to go see Metallica in Peru!


  1. They played here in Toronto a few days ago and got five star reviews! Apparently, they are in fine form, so get your tickets early and enjoy the show!!

  2. On a somewhat related note, do they celebrate Hallowe’en in Lima? Do you plan to dress up?

  3. Go Metallica! Go Ali!


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