Posted by: Ali | November 1, 2009


Okay so I went to Caral yesterday, and I didn’t post yet because I had to wake up at 5am.  Consequently, when I got back home at like 9, I had enough time to eat dinner and shower before I crashed horribly.

So Caral is super-cool.  It’s an archaeological site fairly close to Lima city, and still within the province (department) of Lima.  It is also very, very old!  5000 years old or so, which puts it only slightly less old than the Pyramids in Egypt!  This was a very important find, because previous to discovering and researching Caral, they thought that the history of civilization in South America only went back about 3000 years, which would mean that the Mayan People of Mexico were the oldest civilization in the Americas.

Another funny thing about Caral is that, even though it was discovered in 1948, it was promptly ignored and forgotten because the guy that found it couldn’t find any relics that were worth investigating.  In 1994, a lady named Ruth Shady started investigating the ruins and made the place all famous because it was so old.  But she barely found any relics either!  Turns out the place is so old that they didn’t have pottery.  Caral was also apparently some peaceful utopia where there was no war, just peaceful trade – they didn’t find any weapons at all!

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

In some of the pictures you might see some black flags, I totally thought they were marking pirate territory at first but alas, no.  The real answer is just as good though: they were scarecrows, placed to keep the birds from pooping on the pyramids!


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