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UFO Convention

This week, I discovered a headline that announced “Peru’s Capital Will Host a UFO Conference.”  Holy crap, I thought, how could I miss that?  Ana Maria warned me away, saying that the only people there would be crazy, but that was sort of the point.  How many people will I ever meet that can say they went to a UFO Convention in Peru?  Exactly.

The article, which was badly translated and just badly written in general, said:

The Fourth International Congress of Ufology and Extraterrestrial Life, that will be held in Lima this week (between Wednesday and Sunday) will discuss about intergalactic external politics and will release “declassified” documents about beings from another planets.

Julio Chamorro, a former commander from Peru’s Air and one of the lecturers told the press today that these topics concern the greatest potencies since the forties.

This congress, which is being organized by Alpha and Omega Missionary Association and the radio show “Journey to another dimension” will have three international lecturers: a former officer from Chile’s Air Force, Pablo Henríquez; Jaime Rodríguez (Ecuador) and Julio César Acosta Navarro, from Brazil.

The congress’ schedule include testimonies from Peruvians who claim they have been contacted by extraterrestrials.

Very intriguing.  I begged Ana Maria to find out for me where the conference was, and she found out that it was not too far away from the house – and it was at the “Alpha and Omega” clubhouse.  It sounded super-sketchy, so I got on a bus!

I found the place okay, and was amused (pleased or worried, I wasn’t sure) to find that there was an ambulance parked outside.


UFO Convention 001

Alpha and Omega Clubhouse

Going inside, it gets even weirder.  Turns out this Alpha and Omega club is a weird mix of believing in aliens and really devoutly Christian.  They believe in three prophets: Moses, Jesus, and Luis.  I was given a handout that said this about “El Divino Luis.”

“The third time, he came as The Divine Luis.  First he wrote the “Divine Doctrine of the Lamb of God for the Third Millennium”, and then manifested himself as a Divine Judge of the  Solar Hierarchy, to carry out Divine Moral Judgments to all humanity on Earth, restoring the order of all things; putting an end to Yankee imperialism; bringing the beginning of a New Age of Wonders and Prodigies; as proclaimed and prophesied by all the Bibles in the world.  As in New Heaven and New Earth (Rev. 21) the Millennium of Peace – World of the Trinity-the Age of Open Skies – The Third World.  For a Spiritual World, United in Solidarity.”


UFO Convention 003

The Ten Commandments

The room had all kinds of really weird messages all over the place.  On the right hand side there was a bunch of posters with pictures of spaceships.  The ceiling was painted with planets, but there were random babies on the ceiling too.  And on the walls were painted messages like “God = Science” and “God = Power.”  (If you’re curious, God also equals Revolution, Evolution, Equality, Unity, and I think Vegetarianism.)  Then on the left hand side there were signs like the Ten Commandments one above, that had messages from the prophets and the scientists and the priests or something like that.  I’m not 100% sure but I think these guys might have Scientologists beat.


UFO Convention 010

Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there


The Symbols of the New Millenium: a lamb, the flag, and a spaceship

The Symbols of the New Millenium: a lamb, the flag, and a spaceship

The Ceiling - note the babies on the side (or angels I guess)

The Ceiling - note the babies on the side (or angels I guess)

So I got home and then was reading the news once more, and discovered a fabulously enlightening article that includes an interview with one of the organizers of the event!

Peru is not only a “prophetic country ” but also is the place chosen by aliens to communicate with humans, said today “brother” Antonio Cordova, leader of the group “Alpha and Omega,” which believes in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The Peruvian group, which doctrine blends Christianity, socialism, vegetarianism and beliefs in alien beings from another planets, has organized the Fourth International Congress of UFOlogy, which reportedly reunites in Lima “contactees and researchers from countries like Chile, Ecuador or Brazil.”

“Brother” Antonio Cordova, says that Peru has always been a favorite spot for space aliens, and gives as an example the ruins of Caral, the oldest city in America; the Nazca Lines, huge drawings of animals visible only from the air; or the famous Machu Picchu citadel.

“Alpha and Omega,” the largest Peruvian group that believes in extraterrestrial aliens, has hundreds of followers.

Their UFOlogy congress will end on November 8th, and lecturers will cover topics such as “the origin of extraterrestrial DNA” or alleged UFO sightings made by Chilean and Ecuadorian military members.

And, of course, there is evidence that I attended:


UFO Convention 013









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