Posted by: Ali | November 10, 2009

Meet Megan

Orientation 016Meet Megan.  She likes painting, wearing funny hats, and singing along to the radio.  From a small town in Nova Scotia, this gal definitely enjoys big city life here in Lima, and loves kicking our butts at cards.

Megan HammockWhile most of her friends did the traditional route and went straight to college after high school, Megan’s not one to follow the crowd.  She’s spending six months here in Lima for a real different experience.  She also likes beer, karaoke, reclining in hammocks, and definitely, definitely likes pina coladas.

Megan and BarneyMegan is a family girl.  She loves kids and is currently volunteering at a home for children living with HIV.  Every day she brings joy to their lives by running art projects.  Aww!


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