Posted by: Ali | November 15, 2009

Old Wive’s Tales

Everyone gets sick when they travel.  I have been lucky enough to not have gotten very sick (yet), but both Maria and Ana Maria are mothers, so they get concerned when I mention I have a tummy ache or a headache.

One thing that I constantly think is odd is that when I say I am not feeling well, they tell me to put on some shoes.  Why, I will ask them.  Is the floor wet or dirty?  No, they will reply.  But the floor is cold (cement), and everyone knows that the cold enters your body through your feet, so you will get more sick.

Meanwhile, in Canada mothers are always saying to put on a hat and scarf when you are cold so you don’t get sick.

I wonder why it is different?  I can think of many reasons – perhaps in Canada it is assumed that you are already wearing shoes and the floors have carpeting.  Perhaps here in Peru everyone has thick black hair.  Can anyone think of any other reasons?


  1. Perhaps if you wear your shoes on your head?

  2. Lucas thinks you should wear shoes and a hat, because shoes keep the cold from entering and a hat keeps the heat from leaving.

    Interesting observation. How about slippers?


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