Posted by: Ali | November 17, 2009

Meet Eric


Eric likes Clowns

Eric is a very interesting fellow.  He has a strange fascination with clowns and raindrops, rune stones and tattoos.  Eric has defied the odds and taught me that there actually are francophone people living in Alberta.


Eric's tattoo

He also taught me that tattoos are really cheap in Peru and if you wanted to get a big tattoo like he did it was cheaper to fly to Peru and stay in a hotel for 2 weeks while you get a tattoo than it is to just get a tattoo in Canada.  If you look closely at the picture, the top part of his tree is all peeling and funny looking.  Really it’s because his skin is falling off.


Eric's Hobo Jacket

We also went to the market and he discovered this jacket that he just had to buy the really looks like a hobo clown.  It’s all patchwork and reversible, apparently one side is materials from the jungle and the other is materials from the mountains.  Phew!





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