Posted by: Ali | November 20, 2009

I am a failure

Okay, I’ll admit it publicly.  I am a nerd.  One of my missions when I came here to Peru was to find a Dungeons & Dragons book in Spanish for the sheer novelty value of it.  I also have a friend who owns a game store and he wanted me to scope out the inter-continental competition.  My friend Romy told me that she used to play similar games and that the place to go was called Game Zone, in a mall in Surco.  At long last, I set out to find the place, and was moderately disappointed.


Game Zone

Game Zone did have Dungeons and Dragons stuff, but it was all old and in English.  They had one copy of the new version I was looking for, and it was also in English.  I asked the guy if they printed it in Spanish and he said yes but he didn’t know when he would be getting any in.  For those of you interested, they also sold a very limited selection of board games both English and Spanish (Settlers of Catan [sp], Risk 2210 [en], Carcassone [en]), Magic cards, Mechwarrior, and Lego.  Lots and lots of Lego.

Also in the same mall I found the following:


Paintball Shop

And my personal favourite (someone tell Scotty for me!):


I wonder if Scotty has something to tell us





  1. Legs & Body…because these things sometimes travel separately…


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