Posted by: Ali | November 24, 2009

The House Hunt…

I’ve been looking for a new house because our lease is up soon and the landlady wants to sell the property.  What I did not expect is how hard the hunt would be!

Here are some examples of ridiculous things that have happened to me during the house hunt:

  • Calling a number listed in the paper and finding the house description agreeable.  Arranging a time to see the house, but having the owner of the house refuse to give out the address of the house listed for rent unless we called back tomorrow.
  • Finding a house that is wonderful but a bit pricey.  Let’s call this House A.  Getting told to explore further options.  In the same paper where we found the listing for House A, calling a different ad with a different number, and finding it to be House A.  Calling different people for a different ad in still the same paper, and agreeing to meet on a street corner, where I was then escorted to House A.
  • Calling a number regarding an ad, to be told that they don’t have that house nor did they other, it was an example of the kinds of houses they might have, and would I like to see some others? (Such as House A)
  • Arranging a meeting for 5:00 at house #241.  Go to the address at 5:00 to find that there is no house #241, but there is a #231 and a #245, neither of which are renting.  Calling the lady to find out that both of her numbers are turned off for the day because it’s after 5.  Calling back the next day to be informed that it was really house number #261.  Going to house #261 to find no answer at the door.  Calling the lady and being informed that it was really house #281.
  • Visiting a house advertised as 6 bedrooms to find that it is really an office building with no kitchen.
  • Asking a friend for help, who tells me of a 6 bedroom house in Barranco for, shall we say, very cheap.  I ask her for more information and she forwards an ad for a house in Barranco for 8 times the price, including a sauna, pool, and wine cellar.  When asking for something less expensive, she directs me to House A.


  1. Sounds like there’s going to be quite some bargaining over House A!

  2. UM…wow.

    that makes me wonder if house a is really for sale and not a house thats alreayd been ‘sold’ several times but not turned over. super-fraud style.

    i hope this workd out for you. Isnt Lima massive?


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