Posted by: Ali | November 26, 2009

The Cast… As Described by Eric

In no particular order.

Ali: She was the first face we met and is all kinds of awesome. Ali is our site coordinator and resident cat herder. Filled with a bottomless reserve of energy she dances and shimmies her way through the days. Best of all her enthusiasm is contagious.

Ana-Maria: Coordinator/Spanish teacher extraordinaire. Her laughter fills the room and our hearts. She gave us the skills to go out into the treacherous world of Peruvian kids babbling in Spanish!

Maria: Cook, housekeeper and sparkling personality. She has filled our stomachs will delicious Peruvian food and filled our souls with her joie de vivre (Llena de vida) .

Lauren: Independent spirit. She has no qualms about heading into the unknown on her own. We should all be so brave. She’s also a bit of a musician (guitar) and we love her for it.

Megan: Youngest in age but certainly not in spirit. She must have an old soul because she is wise beyond her years… but more importantly fun as -expletive deleted-. Her taste in music is beyond compare so we all cried a little when her mp3 player died. She’ll be volunteering down here until March 19th (speaking of brave). That’s a long f*ing time, but a whole lot of good done thanks to her.

Jennifer: Our Albertan counterpart (from Calgary). Jennifer’s her name, fitness is her game. Her attitude is inspiring and the perfect kick in the arse you need to get up and get going.

Romy: English teacher by day, guide by night. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of Peru is amazing. She has taught us so much about the culture and heritage of this wonderful country, but, more importantly, she has taught us to love Peru as much as she does (almost-nobody loves Peru more than Romy). She has also taught us to love Pisco. Soooooo good!

Cat: Chris’s British counterpart, she works at a place here called South American Explorers where travellers of all kinds can stop in and get oriented. She has shown us corners of Lima we never would have come across otherwise. Also, we’ve never come across someone quite like Cat. She is by any and all standards unique. A perfect storm of chill and excitement.

Ginene: Although we only got to spend a week with the lovely Ginene she has left an indelible mark on us. B.C spirit through and through.

Shelley: If all nurses were like her this world would be without pain… or at least not for long. High energy and always ready to sing her heart out, I cannot help but believe that she is a karaoke star in the making. Also she walks REALLY F*ING FAST.

Kate: The lone American in the group, she is what makes her country great . She is perhaps the most benevolent of us all. From her work back in Pennsylvania to her work here in Peru she is making a difference beyond imagination. A heart as big as… uh… well… Machu Picchu. Another long term stay, she will be here until March 26th.

Hyo: Although not a volunteer she has been staying with us as a guest and has shown us an interest in the culture and language that is enviable to say the least.

A man spends most of his life searching for a muse, any muse to inspire him to great things. We’ve somehow been fortunate enough to find a dozen down here in Peru. Each one is beautiful inside and out and have filled us with the want… no… I say the NEED to do more. To give more, to live more, to contribute more, to BE more in this world.

We have been irreversibly changed during our experience here thanks in large part to the people we’ve come across in our travels. We thank them from the very bottom of our hearts… maybe in our cockles.. or maybe even in the sub-cockle area… maybe even… in the colon.


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