Posted by: Ali | December 1, 2009

Meet Ana Maria

So I realized that I have been working with Ana Maria and talking about her for almost four months now and haven’t formally introduced her to my faithful friends back home!  I’m sorry to you, and to Ana Maria, who I don’t want to feel left out.


Ana Maria, the Homicidal Maniac

Meet Ana Maria.  She has issues sometimes.  Usually when it involves cake.



She has an adorable but equally insane son named Fabian.  He’s the most independent 4 year old I’ve ever met, and knows how to call his mom at work to tell her he had a poop.  He also likes to talk on Skype to his American girlfriend.  And he likes to draw on the whiteboard with permanent marker.



She wants to move to Canada soon, which would be super.  I told her she could be my roommate and told her horror stories of neck-high snow, mosquitoes, and winters where the sun doesn’t come out.  She told me she wants to live in a small town because she’s tired of big cities like Lima, and I told her she should move to Kingston.  Yay!  (Still working on that one)





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