Posted by: Ali | December 4, 2009

Dear Friends from Queen’s

Remember how horrible the food was in residence?  Well it was provided by a company called Sodexho.  Guess what their latest travesty is?

Peruvian gastronomy will be included in Sodexo’s menus in the next two years, which will allow its  dissemination to 50 million people in the countries where this company is operating, according to Sodexo Peru’s General Manager, Alfredo Garcia.

This makes me sad.  Why does it make me sad?  Because Peruvian food is so good, and Sodexho could ruin toast.  Now 50 million people in the world are going to inexplicably hate Peruvian food for the rest of their lives, when they could be enjoying delicious lomo saltado.


  1. I remember eating breakfast in residence once as Ali’s guest. I couldn’t believe how horrible it was.


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