Posted by: Ali | December 4, 2009

Meet Shelley


It’s her last day in Lima!  Now that she has mastered the language of Spanish she will venture forth into the land of Cusco to bring joy and toothbrushes to those in need.

Would you like some medicine?

Shelley is a nurse.  And that means that if something bad happened to me or the other volunteers she would fix us!  But she can’t anymore because she is abandoning us, but I suppose the lovely people down at Policlinico Parroquial Belen will put her to better use than we could (not one single injury in the whole month she was here!).  There she will travel with other doctors out to rural communities where the people aren’t able to go into Cusco for treatment.  Awesome!

Rock on, Shelley!

Shelley is also super-independent.  She’s cool with spending Christmas in Peru, volunteering, and after that she’s gonna travel all over Latin America, then going to meet up with a friend in Rio de Janiero.  Of course, she’s done this before – left her icy home of Winnipeg to spend a year in beautiful New Zealand.  I’m so jealous!

Hi Shelley!


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