Posted by: Ali | December 5, 2009

I got robbed…

So today I went downtown with Kate.  We were wandering around seeing the sights, when I decided to stop and get some orange juice from a street vendor.  While I was waiting, some guy came up behind me and grabbed my necklace from around my neck and yanked and before I knew what was happening he had run off.

Kate saw it happen, she said it was like in slow motion, apparently the guy even had trouble getting it off my neck (it wouldn’t break I guess?), and I was pretty sure that the charm on the necklace must have fallen off.  So I started looking around for the charm, and a bunch of other people started helping me look, and one of them found it and gave it back to me!  Super awesome.  Then I had some juice.

Moral of the story: Like Ana Maria constantly reminds me, never buy juice on the street.


  1. And it was in a plastic bag! You just had a traumatic experience, here’s a bag of juice.


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