Posted by: Ali | January 1, 2010

Peru tastes like Chocolate

I read in the Peruvian news while I was home that some chef has decided to construct a chocolate model to commemorate the ancient cultures of Peru, which he called “My name is Peru… with a taste of chocolate.”  I remember reading that it was on display at the Marriott Hotel in Miraflores, but I completely forgot everything else about the display.  I took Kate with me to go find this chocolate wonder, and when it was not readily visible in the lobby of the Marriott, we realized that we had no idea what to ask for.  “I’m looking for the chocolate Peru” might get us some strange looks.

We waited at the concierge desk for a long time behind some people who were trying to make travel arrangements before we gave up and asked some random person who looked like they might work there about the chocolate Peru exhibition.  She said she had no idea but it might be on the second floor lobby.  Oh, I thought.  There’s a second lobby!  Perfect.

Upstairs we went, in a very fancy elevator (it’s a very nice hotel), and i met a beautiful fountain/pool thing that I wanted to go swimming in.  Anyways we found our chocolate structure, although it was quite a bit smaller than I was imagining, it was pretty cool, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure the chocolate will not get eaten which is totally a waste.


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