Posted by: Ali | January 3, 2010

Meet Kate

Kate’s been here since November.  She’s awesome and sweet and is a special education teacher!

Kate the Peruvian

She stayed in Peru over Christmas, what a brave girl, and participated in a Christmas concert that her students were putting on.

She really likes trees

Kate’s from the US but we don’t hold it against her because she is really really nice to everybody and loves the environment.

Apparently she likes cactii too

Most volunteers are so excited to be somewhere warm that they get crazy sunburns, but not Kate, who is much more sensible than that.

Kate knows how to relax in the shade

And finally, I have some competition here because Kate makes super-awesome cookies.  Which is super-awesome.

Christmas Cookies!


  1. I love the Christmas cookies and the snowflakes on the cactus!!!


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