Posted by: Ali | January 9, 2010

Instituto Nacional de Cultura

In the afternoon we went to a museum which was so far away we thought we were walking into the boonies, although it reminded me of Cochabamba.  We got to this random block and were looking for a museum and couldn’t find one, but we found a “cultural institute,” which turned out to be the right place after all.

We walked up the driveway to a gate that was mostly closed, but not locked or anything.  There was a guard post with no one in it, and it was the weirdest feeling, wondering if we could go in or not.  So we went in.  There were a bunch of buildings, including a library, a garden, and a museum, so we walked up to the museum and thankfully there were people there who said it was open.

Turned out to be quite a lovely little center with pottery, weapons, mummies, maps, and models of the Wari and a few other cultures as well.


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