Posted by: Ali | January 14, 2010

El Niño

Apparently it’s El Niño year here in Peru!  I didn’t know but it totally makes sense.  When arrived in August, Ana Maria told me that it would start warming up around September or October.  Thus, when the October volunteers arrived, I told them it would warm up “any day now.”  I told the November volunteers the same thing.  When I went home for Christmas it was still constantly 20 degrees and cloudy, which is about as cold as it gets here in Lima.  When I got back in January, it was warm for about a week, but then it went back to being cloudy again.

I found a report today saying that Peru is experiencing a mild El Niño this year, and should expect 50% more rain and cooler temperatures until about March, when it should start switching back to Winter again.  Well that explains everything, but apparently I picked a bad year to spend here in Peru!


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