Posted by: Ali | January 26, 2010

State of Emergency

Peru rarely makes the international news, especially these days when we don’t have terrorists rampaging around the country.  But, from what I am hearing, we’ve done something newsworthy!  And by that, I mean, the weather has.


The city of Cusco has been declared in a state of emergency due to torrential rainfall and massive flooding.  It has been raining 10-12 hours a day for the past two weeks.  9000 hectares of farmland – and the crops on them – have been lost; a major hospital has been completely flooded and reports that it has lost all of its medical supplies; tour companies are reporting a loss of $1 million US per day; and the government is estimating that official losses could reach $167 million US.

Bye bye beetle

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it was El Nino year, which was messing up the weather here in Lima, and when I was in Ayacucho I experienced the crazy rain for myself.  Geographically, Ayacucho is not very far from Cusco, although there aren’t many good and direct roads that connect them.

Massive flooding

Many of the Inca sites are being damaged in the mudslides.  They have also closed Machu Picchu for the next three days due to the deaths of an Argentinian tourist and a guide hiking the Inca Trail.  The death toll is now reportedly at 11, and although authorities are working to evacuate everyone in the dangerous zones, there are reportedly still 1500 people currently on the Inca Trail, which is also closed.

Rebuilding the wall


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