Posted by: Ali | February 10, 2010

Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda.  Amanda is a super nurse from Calgary, but she doesn’t like babies.


We should make a TV show about her, the young attractive nurse going to help those less fortunate.  Apparently the clinic she’s working at has cute doctors, so that’s half a TV show right there.  All they need is some dramatic unsolvable diseases, intra-office romance, and more people in comas.

Nurse Amanda

Apparently, Amanda also has professional training as a contortionist.  Seriously, look at that photo – that can’t be comfy!  Apparently in her younger days she ran off and joined the circus.

Amanda the Contortionist

Amanda also really likes the beach.  Like, a lot.  Like if I don’t know where she is she’s at the beach.  Every day!  She’s getting a pretty sweet tan and I’m jealous.  And she’s going to Mancora this weekend!  Even more jealous.


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