Posted by: Ali | February 11, 2010


Hey so as if I didn’t have enough drama in my life, our house caught on fire.  Don’t worry, though, it wasn’t a serious fire.  It was, however, serious enough to scare me and all my coworkers, so as of yesterday we’re living in a hostel until further notice.  Remember my house-hunting mission I was on a few months ago?  Well it’s back on and in full force (I’m excited, but the timing couldn’t be worse – our huge group of volunteers arrives next Friday)!


So what exactly happened?  I’m sure you’re curious.  It was an electrical fire that started on the roof from, oddly enough, the doorbell.  The photo above is a picture of the doorbell in question (the noise maker part not the button part) that was apparently quite old and it and/or the wires sparked.  We think that because it’s quite hot these days and the wires are old that likely the plastic on the wiring melted, which caused the fire.

The Aftermath

As you can see, it didn’t spread very far.  Most of our house is made out of concrete, and this is one of the only rooms in the house that had carpeting (because it was on the roof, and the roof is kind of bumpy, so we put down a rug).  Anyways, so that’s the excitement in my life at the moment.


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