Posted by: Ali | February 16, 2010

Peru in Vancouver

Peru is participating in the Olympics!  This is the first time in history that they are participating at the Winter Olympics.  Very cool, although I doubt we’ll be getting any medals.

Peru at the Olympics

Peru has 3 athletes participating:

  • Manfred Oettl Reyes, a boy of 16 years old who was actually born in Germany, who’s competing in the giant slalom on Feb 21, and the slalom on Feb 27
  • Ornella Oettl Reyes, his sister of 18 years, also born in Germany, who’s competing in the giant slalom on Feb 24, and the slalom on Feb 26
  • Roberto Carcelen, a 39 year old Peruvian who lives in Seattle, who competed in the 15km cross country event yesterday Feb 15, and finished 94th out of 95

“It was an unforgettable experience because thousands of people started chanting Arriba Perú during the race; they were surprised and impressed to see a Peruvian competing,” said Roberto Carcelen, who learned cross-country skiing only about five years ago.

Go team Peru!


  1. Good for you Peruvian Athletes! We are proud of you. Go Peru go! Our son teaches school in Lima! Have a great time at the Olympics!

  2. Go Manfred Go!

  3. Good run Ornella. Have a great time. Way to go.

  4. Gracias por participar en nombre de Perú. Espero su ejemplo gane adeptos en el mundo entero. Los peruanos de segunda generación y por supuesto nuestros compatriotas en Perú!

  5. Bravo Roberto for competing. What a great opportunity for all you Peruvian Olympic Athletes! Way to go!
    Geri & Jack – Canada


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