Posted by: Ali | February 23, 2010


Hey everybody, as you probably know I have 25 extra volunteers in the house at the moment.  For this reason, I barely have enough time to sleep, let alone post on my blog.  Rest assured that I am (mostly) okay, and will get back to posting regularly as soon as I regain my sanity.

For those of you curious about what’s going on in Peru, here it is:

We have a group of 25 volunteers in from Queen’s Commerce Initiative Abroad, who are doing a project that I have organized over the past several months.  We are working with La Semilla to paint and improve on two of the libraries that they have built in Chosica, on the outskirts of Lima.

They arrived Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday were orientation.  Monday through Friday we are working at the libraries from 8am to about 6pm, and in the evenings various activities are scheduled including salsa lessons, surfing, a dance show, souvenir shopping, and a double-decker bus tour.  Friday we will be leaving for Huacachina, where we will be sandboarding but also doing a Pisco winery tour and a boat tour of the Islas Ballestas (I’m excited!).


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