Posted by: Ali | March 6, 2010

Meet Kristen

Meet Kristen.  She’s a super-hardcore crazy world traveller, and has already been to more places than me across Latin America.  When she’s done volunteering in Peru, she’s going on to Brazil, since one country is not enough for her.

Kristen the pro

Kristen is from Victoria, and therefore is used to all the crazy coastal weather we get here in Lima – the clouds, the humidity, the salt water.

Kristen = Food

Also, apparently Kristen is really, really tasty, and by that I mean that bugs LOVE her.  Seriously.   She could probably go to the moon and come back with about a hundred bug bites.  I mean that picture makes it look like she has the measles or something.  She’s going to be volunteering starting Monday at a health outpost, where maybe she should get those checked out.

Kristen likes turtles

Kristen is diabetic and has a gluten allergy, which means that life probably sucks a lot, like the times when someone makes fresh chocolate chip cookies and they are all warm and gooey and she can’t have any.  I suppose she has no alternative but to make up for it by getting back to nature and learning to talk to turtles.

Kristen at the beach


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