Posted by: Ali | March 8, 2010

Performance Art


I was on a bus today and I saw some rather peculiar things.  In fact, it’s been a rather peculiar week.  A week ago, I was riding the bus and there were a group of clowns standing by the side of the road.  On occasion, buses in Peru get buskers that come on the bus, perform, and then ask for tips, so I suspect that they were looking for a bus that looked ripe for busking.

A few days ago, I was walking in Miraflores, and Charlie Chaplin got off a bus, looked at me, tipped his hat, and walked away.  I was so mad I didn’t have my camera.

Today, I was driving by Larcomar and there were a group of mimes (above) all holding signs that said “stop” or “no honking.”  Unfortunately, we went by too quickly for me to see what they were doing, but at least they were captured on camera.

When I reached my destination, Barranco, I was walking through a pedestrian area and I saw two girls who were both covered with white goo.  They weren’t doing anything when I arrived so I thought it was rather curious but no more.  Then I noticed that a police officer was interrogating them, and they kept insisting that it was only cream, cream from milk, it wasn’t harmful or toxic.  I didn’t really pay attention until the girls started wiping up cream that was on the ground, and people started taking their picture.  Turns out, they were doing a piece of performance art about anorexia, got in trouble with the police, and had to clean up their mess.

Bad girls


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