Posted by: Ali | March 9, 2010

Fertility in Peru: Part 2

In November, I wrote about the fact that the Peruvian government first stopped giving out the morning-after pill for free.  I was shocked, because it was a step backwards in terms of gender equality, class difference, and secularization – as it turned out, they banned the pill because it was effectively the same as abortion.

In today’s news:

Peru’s Health Minister Oscar Ugarte announced that public hospitals will resume distributing the morning-after pill, since international research requested by his department concludes that the pill is not a method of abortion.

All I can do is roll my eyes.  Isn’t abortion more an ideological debate?  Isn’t this ban religious in origin?  Some say life begins at conception, or that life begins when the child can survive outside of the mother, etc, etc.  If abortion is the termination of “life,” which is un-Christian, then how can science prove what is the moral choice?


  1. Both science and religion can be used to make the decisions we ourselves do not wished to take responsibility for making.


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