Posted by: Ali | March 10, 2010

Cow Sanctuary

Several months ago Lima was invaded by an army of painted cows.  My loyal readers will know that I made it my mission to find and photograph all 80 cows in the cow parade, and that they would be taken down at the end of February.  Well, February is over, and my final tally is… not 80.  Actually it was 65, which is pretty good, but I still didn’t catch ’em all.

Anyways, so I was teaching a new volunteer how to use the bus the other day, when I spotted a painted cow in the park.  It was incredible, since all the rest were gone… and then I saw another, and another.  I’d never been to this park before, so I thought that this might have been a treasure trove, perhaps containing the remaining 15 that I had missed.

We hopped off the bus, which was probably not good for my volunteer learning directions, but I had to see my cows.  We entered the park, and I saw a cow that I remembered from being elsewhere, and then a cow I had definitely never seen before.  After exploring, I discovered it – the motherlode.  This park turned out to be an open-air public art museum, and included a warehouse, surrounded by a moat.  In the warehouse were what looked like every single painted cow, all collected into one central location… AKA my dream come true.

After much effort, including sneaking around trying to find a hole in the fence, asking a guard very nicely, and debating what sorts of creatures lived in the moat, I was unsuccessful at entering the warehouse.  But I have lots of paparazzi photos!

Cow Sanctuary


  1. Sanctuary my ass, more like a cow prison, or an abittoir of the festive.


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