Posted by: Ali | March 16, 2010


Chicha is an alcoholic drink, similar to beer, made from corn. It’s made in the Andes by farmers, so it’s kinda like moonshine, except for it is very weak. Oh yeah, and it’s fermented with saliva.

Chicha Flag

You can buy it anywhere in the Andes in rural villages, where the vendors will fly a simple flag on the end of a stick, like the one above. In Peru, these flags are red; in Bolivia they were white.

So why do I bring up this interesting regional tidbit? Today, my stepdad Neil decided to try some.



  1. Don’t try it!

    Neil has had severe diarrhea for the past three days. It didn’t hit immediately after the chicha so we didn’t know the cause at first, but figure now that must have been it. When he finally went to the hospital today in Canada, the doctor knew about chicha and said that it could contain any of a number of things that could cause the problem. All of them are apparently curable with antibiotics, so we’re hoping this passes soon…


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