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Qoricancha is maybe one of the most interesting buildings in all of Peru, I will proclaim. Well, it is my blog, so I am entitled to give my opinion.

What makes it so interesting? Well the name Qoricancha refers to the Inca Temple of the Sun, the most important site of worship in all of the Incan empire.

The whole site was basically plundered by the Spaniards. First, gold plating was stripped from its walls by three Spaniards who travelled to Cusco to collect Atahualpa’s ransom. Then, as the Spaniards conquered Cusco, they plundered at will. Most of the treasures of the temple were melted down.

Apparently, however, the most holy object, a huge golden disk of the sun, was never stolen by the Spanish. The Incas likely figured out the Spaniards’ intentions and hid it, and it has never been found to this day.

After the invasion, the site was turned into a convent of Santo Domingo, built directly over the foundations of the Inca temple. Many of the Inca walls themselves were plastered over and covered with Spanish style artwork.

Since the 1950s, the Inca temple has been restored, and at the moment, it is a crazy weird hybrid of Spanish and Inca religious sites. Cool.

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